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Stephen Freeman -Finescale Model Railway  Trackwork and Signals

This is the first, in what will hopefully be a series of brass etchings to produce a hollow tapered square signal post to facilitate the provision of wiring for working signal lamps.

The price reflects the cost of the etching to me plus a very small percentage to cover my time etc.

7mm Scale

To start with I have some 2 part etches made for 20ft and 30 foot(Approx) tapered square signal posts, priced at £5.50  UK Post Free (Overseas please enquire).

The etches can be supplied ready folded at no extra cost.

4mm scale and 2mm scale now available at £3.00 and £1.50 per post respectively. UK Post Free

The post comes in 2 parts, which need to be soldered up after being formed. I perched a Modelu finial on top to give an indication of size. The post shown is a 20ft one.